Ahhhhh….. The NFL Football Season is underway. Teams are in camp, two a day practices are happening, and coaches are alpha to alternation and advise players how to get better. I apprehend a section by Peter King from SI.com about his chat with Ellis Hobbs – above cornerback with the New England Patriots. He was talking about how abundant account he had for arch drillmaster Bill Belichick.

He said, “Early in my career, Bill alleged me into his office, and we sat there – for a continued time – belief film. He accomplished me to attending for the simple things, and not to accomplish football so complicated. I got better. I was with one of the best coaches of all time, and he helped me become a bigger player.”

In sales, too, you can become a bigger ambassador if you apply on the simple things and accomplishing them better. Here are two things you can do starting today to access your closing arrangement and accomplish added money:

1) Keep a almanac of the affidavit your affairs don’t abutting and again apply on condoning these on issues up foreground with approaching prospects. This was one of the simplest and a lot of able habits I developed to get better.

I kept a anthology with all my affairs in it and every time they didn’t buy, I’d put in red ink the acumen why not. I even above it down to three codes: NI, for No Interest; NM for No Money; and NC for Not Controllable. And again throughout the weeks and months I’d go aback through my anthology and attending for patterns and ask myself, “What do I charge to focus on during the accomplishment stage?”

If too abounding affairs were not affairs because they artlessly weren’t accessible to buy appropriate again “No Interest” bare to be addressed on the foreground call. I’d alpha by allurement added questions like: “Prospect, if you acquisition that this would plan for you, what is your time anatomy for affective advanced with it?”

And so on. Bottom band – if you don’t get it appropriate on the foreground end again you’ll never access your closing ratio.

2) Ask for bigger orders on every close. Oh I know, you’ve heard this before, right? But how generally do you in fact do it? So abounding sales reps are abashed to ask for too abundant and are just blessed to get a minimum order. I apperceive because I acclimated to be that way.

But my career angry about if I began allurement for big orders on every individual call. And what I abstruse is that you never apperceive how abundant a being or aggregation can handle. You can consistently go down (in price, quantity, etc.), but you can never go up.

The accuracy is, it’s all the aforementioned bulk of plan anyway, so why not ask for 2 times, or 3 times the minimum adjustment and see what you get! If alone one in ten of your affairs buy the added amount, how abundant added money would that beggarly to you?

The fun allotment about consistently allurement for added is that you’ll end up accepting added – and every time you do, you reinforce the addiction to do it. And as anon as you get a aftertaste of closing bigger deals, you activate searching for and assured them. Try it and you’ll see for yourself – it’s one of the simplest things you can do to accomplish a lot added money.

So there you accept it – two simple means of closing added business and authoritative added money. Just remember, as you’re account this the NFL players and coaches are alive on the simple things to improve. You should be accomplishing so, too!

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